Sedation Dentistry

I don’t normally look forward to a visit with the dentist but I can say I am confident and less anxious knowing that Dr Brown will be sitting next to the dreaded dental chair! 
We realize that many patients have high levels of anxiety in anticipation of dental work. While local anesthesia effectively numbs specific areas and can eliminate discomfort, for many, this is not enough to alleviate worry and help them feel completely comfortable. Our goal at Maupin & Brown is to help eliminate fear and allow our patients to relax throughout the entire visit. We offer different sedation options, depending on your individual needs and desires. These include nitrous oxide, administered while in our office, and oral sedation medication, taken in advance.
Our caring, professional staff will discuss these options with you in detail to help you choose the option that’s right for you. We will put your mind at ease as we walk you through each step of the process, so you know exactly what to expect!

What to expect at your visit