Implant Dentistry

My first appointment was to obtain an evaluation for implants. The staff was courteous and professional in getting my paperwork completed and preliminary x-rays taken. After a surprisingly short wait, Dr. Maupin introduced himself and spent the better part of an hour discussing my options and the relative benefits.

Before I left , I had a plan and quote for the work I had selected. Professional, courteous and able to answer all my questions. It doesn’t get better than that.

Anyone who has experienced a missing tooth understands the self-consciousness that can accompany a smile you don’t feel confident about. In addition, a missing tooth that is not dealt with can cause problems with surrounding teeth. At Maupin & Brown, we will skillfully replace your missing tooth through our dental implant services. And, when we’re done, no one would ever know it had been missing!
Many believe that implants will be painful. However, by utilizing modern, minimally invasive techniques, we are able to provide dental implants with little to no discomfort. For those who need a little more reassurance, we prescribe postoperative pain management medication and also offer sedation services. Most of our patients find they need very little pain medication after the procedure!
If you’re concerned about cost, rest assured that we offer you the lowest price we can by negotiating costs with our supplier and purchasing in bulk. This extra effort allows us to pass along the savings to you.
Dr. Maupin and Dr. Brown have placed thousands of dental implants with precision and expertise. If you are missing a tooth or teeth and would like a free consultation, call us at
575-627-0141. We want you to feel confident about your smile again!

What to expect at your visit