Root Canal Therapy

There are a lot of people out there that are afraid of going to the dentist, I used to be one of those people! The staff and dentists at Maupin and Brown Dentistry are phenomenal, customer care is great and all of my fears of going to the dentist are gone!
A root canal is necessary when a tooth is badly decayed or infected. Without proper cleaning and sealing, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissue and abscesses may develop, causing even greater problems with your oral health.

Though we hope you never have to experience this, if you do, Maupin Brown will help get you back on track with minimal pain, to your mouth or your wallet!

Our root canal treatment can save your tooth and spare you further discomfort. Dr. Maupin and Dr. Brown understand the fears associated with root canal therapy and will take care of you as if you’re a member of their own families, letting their years of expertise go to work for you!

What to expect at your visit